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We are committed to implementing business strategies based on continuously improving the operating efficiency of our assets. It is paramount to provide a safe, healthy workplace for employees by demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development through ethical business practices, while caring about the environment and social responsibility. We strive to become an employer of choice while promoting an open and empowering culture based on the merits of the individual.


We actively promote wide range coal Economic Empowerment in the transport and logistics sector, services through our involvement with people, Coal Handling and transport from our autonomous long term PPP mode lease hold Railway siding, Power Plant handling and operation, OB & coal removal etc. It is our earnest objective to positively contribute towards socio-economic development in India. We do this by creating empowerment opportunities through skills transfer and we create employment for previously disadvantaged individuals.

In Eastern region of India, our name “Bhagwati” means “to lift up”. That is what we do – we handled tons of coal, coke, mineral and most other mining and industrial by-products. In the process, we uplift people too.

Our vision and target to become the largest indigenous coal trader, supplier and service provider in the country by 2025, Procuring 15 Million MT.

Our core values are honesty, integrity, loyalty and respect. These are at the foundation of the culture of our business.

From these values, we have fostered trusted relationships in the markets that we serve. Based on our vision to deliver exceptional results and customer service, our mission is to provide safe operating conditions as the foundation of our value proposition to offer customers, employees and stakeholders accurate and on-time project deliverables.

We always keep customer as our primary focus.

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